An experience of self love.

Vodka bottle

Exoria, an experience of self loveThis was definitely one of my favorite projects by far. Reason being is because we built something from scratch to a high end visual representation of the brand. The guys from Exoria reached out to me a couple months ago with the question if I could make their very first business video. From there one I took them through the process of 6 design phases of creating a digital product. 

Next to the business video we’ve created 2 short videos for the Horecava 2019 edition. Exoria had the opportunity to tell their story and showcased the first premium cocktail bottle. The video content came in to place since it gave the audience of the event a better understanding and look & feel. 

The business video contains a variety of animation and dynamic looking shots of the bottle. Along with images from cooperate businesses such as Plan International and Herman Jansen, who are both involved in this project. I want to thank those two companies for letting me using some pieces of their content. The business video is now used to persuate companies that want to add Exoria in their beverage assortiment

“One of most creative persons we know who not only delivers great work, but let your business grow as well.”

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